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Soviet Northern Group of Forces
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Soviet Northern Group of Forces in Poland

By 1949 the Soviet Union had concluded twenty-year bilateral treaties of friendship, cooperation, and mutual assistance with Poland, which usually granted the Soviet Union rights to a continued military presence on their territory. According to the 1956 treaty, the Soviet military in Poland was limited to 66,000 troops, although the Soviets never fully disclosed the actual number of personnel of the Northern Group to the Polish government, and the Polish government had no right to inspect the Soviet bases.

The Northern Group of Forces had several objectives. With the beginning of the Cold War, it was to act, together with other Groups of Forces, as a counterpart to the NATO forces in Europe. Later, in that regard it represented part of the Warsaw Pact forces, countering the NATO troops. All of the objectives of the Northern Group were shared with the Group of Soviet Occupation Forces in Germany in the German Democratic Republic and Czechoslovakia.

Soviet Northern Group of Forces in Poland

Between the late sixties and middle of the eighties, the Soviet Northern Group of Forces had 90th Guards and 20th Tank Division, and 4th Tactical Air Army.

The 4th Tactical Air Army transferred to Western Strategic Direction in 1984. Then in 1985 the 90th Guards Tank Division became the 6th Guards Motor Rifle Division. The Northern Group of Forces became subordinate to the Western Strategic Direction in the late early 80s.

The Soviet 6th Guards Motor Rifle Division and 20th Tank Division were the principal Soviet formations stationed in the Group between the middle of the 1980s and early 1990s. Air support was provided by the 4th Air Army. The 83rd Separate Air Assault Brigade was formed at Białogard in 1986. By that time the Northern Group had already shrunk to 58,000 troops.


Tactical Air Force of the Soviet Northern Group of Forces


Tactical Air Force of the Soviet Northern Group of Forces in January 1, 1968


The Soviet friendly visit in Czechoslovakia at Pardubice airport in July 1968


MiG-21PFM Fishbed-F fighter of the Soviet 871st regiment in Poland


Combat aircraft type of the 149th Fighter Bomber Air Division


Soviet 4th Tactical Air Force in January 1, 1973


Soviet 582nd Fighter Air Regiment aircraft type in the seventies in Poland, Chojna airport



Soviet High Command of the Western Strategic Direction

Soviet 4th Tactical Air Force in January 1, 1988


The last active Soviet MiG-21SMT regiment


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