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Eastern Order of Battle

Polish People's Republic - Northern Group of Forces
Soviet 4th Tactical Air Army on January 1, 1978

Between 1974 and 1978 the 3rd and 18th air regiment received modern Su-17 and MiG-27 fighter-bomber type. Retraining for Su-17M Fitter-C at the 18th Fighter Bomber Air Regiment began in 1974. The regiment's 1st squadron received the first Su-7U Moujik trainer type at Taganrog airport in 1974, they flew them over to Poland. The rest of the squadrons still flew with MiG-17 Fresco type.

The first Su-17M Fitter-C bombers arrived from the factory in September 1974. The transport pilots of the Komsomolski factory delivered the first six Su-17M to Szprotawa in Poland. They flew about 6500(!) miles from Komsomolsk-on-Amur factory airport to Szprotawa.

The second batch, six Su-17M Fitter-C stayed in Kubinka airport (Moscow Military District) due to the bad weather at the end of 1974. They could only continue their flight to Poland in February 1975. That's why they decided in December 1974, that the additional Su-17M bombers would be delivered by An-22s from the factory. The first An-22 Cock heavy cargo aircraft arrived in January 1975, with Su-17M Fitter-C bombers. The dismounted Su-17s were assembled by the 20th air regiment (from 16th Air Army in GDR) and the factory's specialists. The first assembled Su-17M Fitter-C fighter-bomber had its first flight in May 1975.

Soviet Air Force Su-17M Fitter-C In Poland Szprotawa airport

Due to difficulties with transportation, the regimentís training took longer and the number of flying days was increased. They flew five to six days a week. During the training, one Su-17 Fitter-C was lost. In the spring of 1975, during take off, one of the machines pulled up the running gear too soon, fell to the concrete damaged. It becomes a ground training machine.

Left: 18th Fighter Bomber Air Regimentís pilot and his Su-17M Fitter-C bomber at Szprotawa airport Poland in middle of the seventies  Photo: Alexej Krupin collection


Soviet 4th Tactical Air Army order of battle in 1978

 * The exact sub-variants used aren't known

Soviet 4th Tactical Air Army order of battle map in 1978
Soviet 4th Tactical Air Army order of battle in 1978
Soviet Air Force MiG-21SMT Fishbed-K in Poland

239th Fighter Air Divisionís crew and his MiG-21SMT Fishbed-K on grass filed in the eighties.

Soviet Air Force MiG-23M Flogger-B in Poland Bagicz-Kolobrzeg

The 871st regiment's crew arriving from Astrahan training center. They take part with grey coloured MiG-23M Flogger-B on a live-fire exercise in the early eighties.

Each airport also included a grassy reserve airport. Every year they practiced take off and landing with MiG-21 Fishbed and Su-17 Fitter type. In Poland, a large number of reserve highway strips were built, which could also be used by the Soviet forces. The work of NATO's reconnaissance was made very difficult by the fact that the Soviet airplanes could be anywhere in the country.


Soviet 42nd Guard Regiment's life at Żagań airport in 1980


Soviet Air Force MiG-21PFM Fishbed-F in Poland on grass airport
Soviet Air Force MiG-21PFM Fishbed-F in Poland on grass airport

Three MiG-21PFM Fishbed-Fs of the 42nd Guard Fighter Bomber Air Regiment on grass airfield in the early eighties.

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