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Eastern Order of Battle

Warsaw Pact - Frontal Aviation

Warsaw Pact Western Theatre

Western Strategic Direction - 4th Tactical Air Army
Baltic Military District - 15th Tactical Air Army
Group of Soviet Forces in Germany - 16th Tactical Air Army
German Democratic Republic -
Northern Group of Forces - 4th Tactical Air Army
Polish People's Republic - 4th Polish Air Corps
Central Group of Forces - 131th Mixed Aviation Division
Czechoslovak Socialist Republic - 10th Air Army
Belorussian Military District - 26th Tactical Air Army
Carpathian Military District - 14th Tactical Air Army

South-Western Strategic Direction - 24th Tactical Air Army
Southern Group of Forces - 36th Tactical Air Army
Hungarian People's Republic - HuAF’s Tactical Air Unit
Kiev Military District - 17th Tactical Air Army
   Kharkov Higher Military Aviation School
   Chernigov Higher Military Aviation School
   Voroshilovgrad Higher Military Aviation
Socialist Republic of Romania - RomAF’s Tactical Air Unit
People's Republic of Bulgaria - 10th Mixed Aviation Corps
Odessa Military District - 5th Tactical Air Army

Northwestern Theatre

Leningrad MD - 76th Tactical Air Army

Central Reserve

Moscow MD - Moscow Frontal Aviation
   4th Training and Test Center

Volga-Ural Military District
   Borisoglebsk Aviation School
   929th State Flight-Test Center
   796th Training Center

Southern Theatre

North Caucasus Military District
   Yeysk Aviation School
   Kacha Aviation School
   Krasnodar Aviation School

Transcaucasian MD - 34th Tactical Air Army

Turkestan MD - 49th Tactical Air Army
   1038th Training Center
   1521st Training Center

Far Eastern Strategic Direction/Theatre

Central Asian MD - 73rd Tactical Air Army
   5th Training Center

Siberian Military District
   Barnaul Aviation School

Transbaikal MD - 23rd Tactical Air Army

Far Eastern MD1st Tactical Air Army