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Eastern Order of Battle

Sukhoi Su-17 Fitter
in service all over the World


Iranian Revolution effect on the Soviet 49th Tactical Air Army


First early Su-17 Fitter-C combat unit in the seventies


Soviet 381st independent Reconnaissance Air Regiment in Chimkent in the eighties


The Su-17M2 Fitter-D fighter bomber in the Soviet Transcaucasian Military District


Angolan Air Force’s early Su-22 Fitter-F and Su-22U Fitter-E


Soviet Su-17 Fitter bombers at Mary-2 airbase


Sukhoi Su-22M3 Fitter-J reconnaissance-bomber type in Hungary


Photos of the 730th Fighter Bomber Air Regiment from the eighties


Bulgarian Su-22M4 Fitter-K Reconnaissance/bomber aircraft in the eighties


Soviet-Iranian border guard in the eighties


156th Fighter Bomber Air Regiment in Afghanistan between 1983 and 1984.