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Eastern Order of Battle

 The Su-17M2 Fitter-D fighter bomber
 in the Soviet Transcaucasian Military District

The Soviet 34th Tactical Air Army's 168th Guard Fighter Bomber Air Regiment was the last to receive the Su-17M2 Fitter-D type from the factory in 1977. The modern, precision weapon using type was only used for a short time. Soon was retrained to Su-17M3 Hitter-H type and flew missions over Afghanistan with that.

Su-17M2 Fitter-D at Bolshiye Shiraki. The Su-17M2 with the SPS- 141 'Siren' jammer pod. In strike group, the leader usually was the carrying SPS pod. Over Georgia in 1978.
The 168th Fighter Bomber Regiment's Su-17M2 Fitter-D over Caucasus. 168th Guard Fighter Bomber Air Regiment's 1st Suadron Su-17M2 Fitter-D in 1979

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