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The last Czechoslovak MiG-15s


30. stíhací bombardovací letecký pluk MiG-15bisSB

Decommissioning of all MiG-15 versions in Czechoslovak People's Army - Air Force was set for 31. 12. 1982. As early as the beginning of 1983 30th Fighter Bomber Air Regiment started retraining for Aero L-39ZA Albatros, in September the last shooting and bombing practice with MiG-15s took place at Malacky, and on 21. 10. 1982 the regiment received the first three L-39ZA aircraft. As of 9. 11. 1982 1st air squadron began flying with L-39s; 2nd squadron used MiG-15s till the end of the year.

Though the type was formally removed from armament by 31. 12. 1982, 4th squadron continued to fly them. The last “fifteens” on standby flown by pilots Maj. Jan Theier and Maj. Jaroslav Fiala on 30. 3. 1983, took off three times that day. The unit was cancelled in April of that year. Pilot flew the majority of airworthy machine to Hradec Králové on 2. 4. 1983.

Machines whose technical flying life had ended by 1.4.1983 (three MiG-15bises, three MiG-15bisSBs, and one UTI MiG-15) and possibly some other planes not air-worthy were physically liquidated at LVO České Budějovice between 21. 9 to 6. 10. 1983.

Czechoslovak Air Force MiG-15bisSB Czechoslovak Air Force MiG-15UTI
Ceskoslovenská Velitelství letectva MiG-15bisSB 30th Fighter Bomber Air Regiment MiG-15bisSB
Hradec Králové MiG-15bisSB

Thus the service of the MiG-15 in the Czechoslovak People's Army - Air Force ended. It provided its pilots with lots of magnificent experience, delights, and job satisfaction for airmen

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- “FIFTEEN” MiG-15 in Czechoslovak Air Force 1951-1983, Nevojice Jakab, 2007

- "Patnáctka". Letoun MIG-15 v čs. vojenském letectvu v letech 1951-1983, Nevojice Jakab, 2007

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