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Eastern Order of Battle

Soviet Odessa Military District's
48th Tactical Air Army
in January 1, 1968

In the mid-sixties the US delivered Lockheed F-104G Starfighter fighter-bombers to Turkey and Greece. In response the Soviet 119th Fighter Air Division received modern MiG-21 Fishbed models between 1964 and 1966. The old MiG-17 Fresco and MiG-19 Farmer fighters were retired.

Turkey was one of the first NATO countries to receive Starfighters through Mutual Aid Program funding. Beginning in May of 1963, the Turk Hava Kuvvetleri (THK) received an initial batch of 32 F-104Gs built by Lockheed and Canadair, plus four TF-104Gs built by Lockheed. These aircraft equipped 141 and 142 Filo, plus an OCU, in AJU 4 at Murted. The Elliniki Vassiliki Aeroporia (Royal Hellenic Air Force) of Greece was initially allocated 35 Canadair-built F-104Gs plus four Lockheed-built TF-104Gs. Deliveries began in 1964. Another 10 MAP-funded Lockheed-built F-104Gs and two TF-104G were later delivered to Greece from USAF stocks. Soviet Air Forece 161st Fighter Air Regiment's MiG-21PFM Fishbed-F with R-3S AA-2 air to air missile

The 684th Guard Fighter Air Regiment received the latest model MiG-21S Fishbed-J. The third generation MiG-21S was equipped with the new RP-22 air-intercept radar.

The 684th Guard Fighter Air Regiment began the re-training in 1966 at 4th Center for Combat Employment and Retraining of Personnel at Lipetsk. The MiG-21S Fishbed-J type was deployed in 1967. The old MiG-19 Farmer has been extracted.


48th Soviet Tactical Air Army map in 1968
48th Soviet Tactical Air Army Order of Battle in 1968

* The exact sub-variants (MiG-21PF/PFS/PFM) used aren't known

The MiG-21S Fishbed-J was armed with one GSh-23L twinbarrel cannon housed in a conformal GP-9 gun-pod and provided with 200 rounds.

The first accident of the 684th Guard Fighter Air Regiment was also caused by this. The GP-9 gun-pod exploded during firing. The MiG-21S Fishbed-J crashed.

The Soviet Tactical Air Forece  827th Reconnaissance Air Regiment's pilots behind his MiG-21R- Fishbed-H The Soviet Air Force 642nd Guard Fighter Bomber Air Regiment's Su-7B Fitter-A at Martynowskaja Photo: Sergei Cvetkov


48th Soviet Tactical Air Army Order of Battle in 1968

The 5th Tactical Air Army’s nuclear strike was the Su-7B Fitter-A type. The 642th regiment used the Su-7B Fitter-A bombers from 1961.

The 233rd ORAZ's very old MiG-15bisR Fagot reconnaissance planes were replaced. The regiment received modern MiG-21R Fishbed-H reconnaissance aircraft in 1967.

They received training at Lipetskaya. Many new pilots came to the reconnaissance squadron. Among them were those who were flying with MiG-19 Farmer previously. They were training at 4th Center for Combat Employment and Retraining of Personnel, first with the MiG-21PFM Fishbed-F type then with the MiG-21R Fishbed-H type.

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