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Eastern Order of Battle

Soviet Belorussian Military District's
26th Tactical Air Army
in January 1, 1978

The 95th Fighter Air Division also used a rare type of MiG-23 in the seventies. The grey colored MiG-23S ‘Flogger-A’ early fighters flew in the 979th regiment, at Shchuchin airport between 1974 and 1978. The early MiG-23S ‘Flogger-A’ was a transitory state between the old MiG-19S ‘Farmer’ and the modern MiG-23ML ‘Flogger-G’ model at the 979th regiment. The regiment at Shchuchin was the first to receive the MiG-23ML ‘Flogger-G’ early tactical fighter type in 1977.

Soviet Belorussian Military District's 26th Tactical Air Army order of battle in 1978

Mostly MiG-23 sans suffix - 1971 Model

** The exact number of the MiG-23S Flogger-A squadrons is only estimated.


Meanwhile, the 927th Fighter Air Regiment received the MiG-21SMT ‘Fishbed-K’ type in 1973. Replacing the MiG-21S ‘Fishbed-J’ without internal cannon.

Soviet 979th Fighter Air Regiment's early MiG-23ML Flogger-G interceptor in light-gray color scheme with R-60 AA-8 Apid missile in 1978

Right: Early MiG-23ML ‘Flogger-G’ of the 797th Fighter Air Regiment in 1978


MiG-23S Flogger-As at Shchuchin.

Early MiG-23ML Flogger-G at Shchuchin.


Soviet 305th Fighter-Bomber Air Regiment Su-7BKL Fitter-A with crew

Soviet 305th Fighter-Bomber Air Regiment’s Su-7BKL ‘Fitter-A’ tail with crew

They started the replacement of the MiG-17 ‘Fresco’s at the 1st Guard Fighter-Bomber Air Division in the mid-seventies. The 911th regiment received used MiG-21S ‘Fishbed-J’ type and the 940th regiment received used Su-7 ‘Fitter’s (B and BKL).

In addition, the 1st division expanded. In 1976, two new fighter-bomber air regiments were set up in Postavy and Bobrovichi airports. Both new fighter-bomber regiments were filled up with newly qualified staff out of school. The experienced and senior officers were transferred here from other regiments of the division.

The 305th regiment became the twin-regiment of the 940th regiment like the 306th regiment to the 953rd's. Both new regiments were supplied with used MiG-17s and Su-7 types. The new units were nominally independent, during the training. The very old MiG-17s were only operated as training machines.


Soviet Belorussian Military District's 26th Tactical Air Army order of battle in 1978
Soviet Belorussian Military District's 26th Tactical Air Army order of battle map
Soviet Belorussian Military District's 26th Tactical Air Army order of battle in 1978

Rare MiG-21S ‘Fishbed-J’ fighter-bomber version at Lida Airport


From the division's five regiments four used old Su-7 ‘Fitter-A’ fighter-bombers. All Fitter type version (Su-7B/BM/BKL and export BMK as well) could be found at them. The first modern type, arrived in 1978 to the division. The 953rd regiment received new Su-24 ‘Fencer-B’ tactical bombers.

At the 26th Air Army's direct subordinate units, little has changed. The 10th regiment handed down one of their Yak-28R ‘Brewer-D’ reconnaissance squadron.

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