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Eastern Order of Battle

Polish Air Force’s Tactical Air Units
4th Air Corps
in January 1, 1983

Poland was in a difficult economic situation in the late seventies and early eighties.

The planned developments were cancelled. They refused to take several Su-20 Fitter-C fighter bombers. They didn't purchased the high-speed MiG-25RB Foxbat reconnaissance aircraft. Neither the fighter nor the fighter-bomber forces received new technique.

Polish Tactical Air Force order of battle in 1983
Polish Tactical Air Force's 2nd Fighter Air Regiment's pilots at Goleniow front of theirs  MiG-21PFM Fishbed-F


They ordered the Su-22M4K Fitter-K-fighter-bomber type in the early eighties. The troops had been prepared to receive the new type. The two attack - reconnaissance aircraft division was reorganized. From 1982 the second and third aviation division became fighter-bomber formation. But they still used the old Lim-6bis, Lim-6bisR, Lim-5R, Lim-5M (MiG-17 Fresco) close air support aircraft along with the Su-7BM and Su-7BKL Fitter-A nuclear bombers.

Polish Tactical Air Force order of battle in 1983 Polish Tactical Air Force order of battle in 1983
Polish Tactical Air Force's 45th Fighter Bomber Air Regiment's camouflage Lim-6bis at Babimost in 1985 Polish Tactical Air Force's 3rd Fighter Bomber Air Regiment's Su-7BKL flying


Polish Tactical Air Force’s Su-7 Fitter-As in color


Polish Tactical Air Force map in 1983

The reconnaissance and transport aviation technical remained unchanged. The reconnaissance regiments were placed directly under the corps headquarters in 1982. The reconnaissance containers carried by the MiG-21R Fishbed-H and the Su-20R Fitter-C aircrafts were still considered modern.

Polish Tactical Air Force order of battle in 1983

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Polska Rzeczpospolita Ludowa, Zimna wojna, Układ Warszawski, Polskie Wojska Lotnicze, 4 Korpus Lotniczy, 4 KL, Poznaniu, 13 Pułk Lotnictwa Transportowego, 13 PLT,  Kraków-Balice, An-12B, An-26, An-2, Ił-14, 4 Pomorską Dywizja Lotnictwa Myśliwsko, 4 DLM, 2 Dywizja Lotnictwa Myśliwsko-Bombowego, 2 DLM-B, 3 Brandenburską Dywizja Lotnictwa Myśliwsko-Bombowego, 3 DLM-B, 6 Pułk Lotnictwa Myśliwsko-Bombowego, 6 PLM-B, Piła, Lim-6bis, MiG-17F, 8 Pułk Lotnictwa Myśliwsko-Bombowego, 8 PLM-B, Mirosławiec, Lim-6bis, MiG-17F, 40 Pułk Lotnictwa Myśliwsko-Bombowego, 40 PLM-B, Świdwin, Lim-5M, MiG-17PF, 45 Pułk Lotnictwa Myśliwsko-Bombowego, 45 PLM-B, Babimost, Lim-6bis, MiG-17F, 3 Pułk Lotnictwa Myśliwsko-Bombowego, 3 PLM-B, Bydgoszcz, Su-7BM, Su-7BKL, 21 Pułk Lotnictwa Bombowo-Rozpoznawczego, 21 PLB-R, Powidz, Lim-6bisR, Lim-5R, MiG-17F, 7 Pułk Lotnictwa Bombowo-Rozpoznawczego, 7 PLB-R, Powidz, Su-20, 32 Pułk Lotniczy Rozpoznania Taktycznego, 32 PLRT, Sochaczew, Mig-21R, 2 Pułk Lotnictwa Myśliwskiego "Kraków", 2 PLM, Goleniów, Mig-21PFM, 9 Pułk Lotnictwa Myśliwskiego, Debrzno, 9 PLM, Mig-21M, Mig-21MF, 41 Pułk Lotnictwa Myśliwskiego, 41 PLM, Malbork, Mig-21MF

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