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Eastern Order of Battle

Leningrad Military District
10th Independent Air Defence Army
on January 1, 1983

USSR MiG-31 Foxhound  Barents Sea in 1986

The 10th Independent Air Defense Army's most modern aircraft the MiG-31 'Foxhound' long-range interceptor aircraft over the Barents Sea in 1986. Photo: Norwegian AF

Soviet Tupolev Tu-126 Moss airborne early warning and control aircraft

One of Soviet Air Defence 's oldest aircraft the Tupolev Tu-126 'Moss' airborne early warning and control aircraft in the eighties over the Barents Sea: Photo: Norwegian AF

The Soviet 21st Air Defense Corps of the 10th Independent Air Defense Army was the first to get a MiG-31 regiment in the north region. The aircrews of the 174th Guard Fighter Air Regiment PVO stationed in Monchegorsk airport on the Kola Peninsula started their conversion training in January 1982. The regiment converted fully from the Yak-28 ‘Firebar’ to the MiG-31 'Foxhound' in 1983.

The new MiG-31 long-range fighter-type was a very modern interceptor aircraft in the early eighties. The MiG-31 'Foxhound' was the world's first operational fighter with a passive electronically scanned array radar.


Life at the arctic Amderma city and airport in the eighties.


21st Air Defense Corps, Severomorsk 4th Air Defense Division, Belushya Guba
Soviet 10th OA PVO map in 1983


5th Air Defense Division, Petrozavodsk 23rd Air Defense Division, Arkhangelsk


Soviet MiG-25 Foxbat interceptors at the Letneozersky airport Arkhangelsk region


Soviet MiG-25PDS Foxbat-E high-speed fighter at the Letneozerski airport

The technical crew of the 524th Fighter Air Regiment PVO is testing their MiG-25PDS ‘Foxbat-E’ high-speed fighter at the Letneozerski airport in the eighties.

USSR Tupolev Tu-128 Fiddler at Amderma airport

Tupolev Tu-128 ‘Fiddler’ long-range interceptors of 72nd Guard Fighter Air Regiment PVO at Amderma airport in 1984.

In the Soviet central northern region, the fighter air regiment or anti-aircraft missile units weren't deployed during the Cold War. The Soviet Air Defence used only two temporary airports, Tiksi and Norilsk in the summer season.

The Tiksi airport is located in the northern Soviet Union and was built in the 1950s. The Soviet Tupolev Tu-95 'Bear' bombers of the Long-Range Aviation used the northern Tiksi airport as a staging base to reach the United States. During the short summer season, the 10th Independent Army's fighter interceptor aircrafts were deployed here, for example, long-range Yak-25M ‘Flashlight’ and Tu-128 ‘Fiddler’ types.

Tiksi airport on Yakutia region

The northern Tiksi airport on Yakutia region on the beach of the Laptev Sea. The runway length is 3 kilometers.

Soviet long-range radio reconnaissance

The Soviet fighter air regiment or anti-aircraft missile regiment settled temporary here in these northern regions. Only the long-range radio reconnaissance unit worked here all year.

Soviet Air Defense in the northern region

The Soviet Air Defence forces’ northern higher units during the Cold War

Another northern airport was the Alykel/Norilsk airport. Alykel is the only functional airfield near Norilsk mining town, built in the sixties. The Soviet bombers used this airport to reach the United States too. From the late seventies, Norilsk was also served by interceptor aircraft under the 57th Guard Fighter Air Regiment PVO with Sukhoi Su-15TM ‘Flagon-F’ fighter aircraft.

The airport does not have a road or railroad connection to the rest of the country. Everything was transported by cargo plane or by ship.


Life at the Besovets air base in the eighties


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