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Albanian Air Force - MiG-19PM interceptor fighter

Twelve Soviet-built MiG-19PM Farmer-D delivered in October 1959. The MiG-19PM was a radar-equipped all-weather interceptor and the first fighter in Albanian service to be equipped with missiles as its primary armament, (no cannon were installed). The aircraft were based at Rinas. The new interceptors completed the SA-75 Dvina battalion that was delivered in the same year.

MiG-19PM interceptor line Albanian MiG-19PM pilots
Albanian alarm in front of MiG-19PM Albanian air control

In 1965 these aircraft were withdrawn and shipped to China, in exchange for an initial twelve Shenyang F-6.

The Albanian MiG-19PMs serial numbers:

The Albanian MiG-19PMs serial numbers

Albanian Air Force, MiG-19PM interceptor fighter, SA-75 Dvina, all-weather interceptor, Rinas, China, Shenyang F-6, Forca Ajrore Shqiptare, 7594th Aviation Regiment