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The Soviet 115th Guard Fighter Air Regiment's special camouflage MiG-21bis in 1979.

Hot, desert sand, strong sunlight, frequent sand storms. This is Kokayty the Soviet 115th Guard Fighter Regiment's Airport in 1979. The regiment's gray MiG-21bis tactical fighters burned the hands of the mechanics in the heat. The soldier’s boots stuck in the bitumen.

The pilots couldn't have known that a few months later, in December 1979 they're going to fight in Afghanistan.

Kokayty gray MiG-21bis Kokayty pilot
Gray MiG-21bis behind MiG-21bis Kokayty MiG-21bis
MiG-21bis Turkmen SSR MiG-21bis

The regiment's training planes in 1979 were still silver colored MiG-21UM and MiG-15UTI types. Behind one of the MiG-21UMs the 87th regiment's equally silver colored Yak-28R reconnaissance plane can be seen.

Silver MiG-21UM Silver Jak-28R
MiG-15UTI Kokayty Soviet 115th Fighter regiment pilots

At the end of the seventies, the trend has changed. It was centrally ordered to camouflage the previously gray coloured MiG-21bis fighters. First the regiment received a few factory standard painted - sand-green at the top and gray at the bottom - MiG-21bis types.

These machines were used which they received from a different unit. The side numbers of each was painted over in 1979.

Green-sand camouflage MiG-21bis
Camouflage MiG-21bis
Kokayty MiG-21bis Kokayty MiG-21bis

At the 115th the regiment a large part of the MiG-21bis types were painted over locally to terrain colour, during the process more of them received special camouflage!

Desert camouflage MiG-21bis Desert camouflage MiG-21bis
Desert camouflage MiG-21bis Desert camouflage MiG-21bis
Desert camouflage MiG-21bis Desert camouflage Fishbed-L
Desert camouflage Fishbed

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